John Rambo

Gil Hibben Rambo IV Machete

John Rambo featured a machete that in the movie was forged by John Rambo himself. Made form D2 steel and featuring a sheath that in the storyline was made using the sheath form the Rambo III knife, a total of 100 Limited Edition knives were offered for sale by Gil Hibben.

Sylvester Stallone also asked Gil if he could make another Rambo III knife for the movie. In the storyline Rambo loses this knife and hence, has to forge a new knife for himself. A total of 20 of these knives were made by Gil and offered for sale and were also made from D2 steel.

The scenes featuring the Rambo III knife never made the final cut of the movie.

Gil Hibben Rambo 4 Machete

The handles of the 100 limited edition knives were wrapped with paracord before a final wrap of grip tape was applied. The movie knife had a blade grind that started at the choil, but for the 100 limited edition knives Gil moved this slightly forward and the blade grind started just after the choil for these knives, a descision made for safety reasons. However a few of the blades left over from the movie blanks made it out in the first few knives. Gil seems to think that there are only two knives in the run of 100 limited editions that have exactly the same blade grind as the knife featured in the movie.

Comparison of the different blade grinds:

Rambo IV Machete #12

Rambo IV Machete #3

On the far left is an example of the Rambo IV Machete with the grind starting after the choil. To the immediate left is an example of a Rambo IV Machete with the blade grind starting at the choil, like the knife that Sly used in the movie.